Hello! I’m Valerie.

I believe that yoga is for everyone and every body. We all step onto our mats for individual reasons and on the same mat is where we join together.  We seek refuge within ourselves while connecting with each other.  My philosophy is that yoga is a path designed to explore the essence of who you are. I will support and hold space for you as you discover stillness and unite with your inner voice.  

My family is my sacred tribe.  When I am called “my love” or “mama” I am lit from within.  Unless of course “mama” is repeated incessantly in high C! I have stumbled, fallen, collected a few scars, and gotten back up again; and yoga has helped me navigate all those highs and lows of life with humility, grace, and relentless determination.

I have been practicing yoga, on and off of my mat, since early 2000.  I am a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and thrive to seek as much yogic knowledge as I can through workshops, training, books and other community connections.  Currently, I am pursuing my 500-hour level certification through Empowered Yoga.  

My intention as a teacher is to encourage and support self-discovery through yoga.  My teaching style is accessible, if it's your first or fiftieth time on your mat, I offer something for you.  I lead each and every class with an authentic heart and invite my students to explore their practice in the same way.  

Each class, although unique, shares themes that skillfully link modern life, with ancient yogic philosophies while being guided through intelligent sequences of poetic movement. Practitioners will learn to unite breath and body against the backdrop of music that will inspire you to groove or chill.  

Yoga helps me improve my relationship with life and the people in my life.  My favourite pose is navasana or boat pose. As I sail through life, I am sensitive to the ripples, currents and stillness.  I practice being still and trusting that I can handle whatever waves come my way.  With that, I get a great core workout.

There are a few things you should know about me.

I am a recovering perfectionist.

I live in a forest.

I am conscious, curvy and curly.

I am grateful for miracles, mornings and mantras like, “GO GIRL!”.

I like saying “Y’all” and “F’real”.  

I tried being vegetarian. I might try again. 

I’m addicted to collecting stamps in my passport, and pastries. I confess, I need to wear a straight jacket when I walk into a bakery. 

I am a huge fan of books that make me cackle and cry out loud in quiet public places.

The smell of salty sea air, warm sand between my toes, and sunsets soothe me. 

I jam to Beethoven, Beyonce and everything in between.  Dancing to my own soundtrack makes me feel whole, keeps me sane, and makes me smile.

Deep conversations laced with “uh-huh”’ and “ah-ha”’ make me tingle.

I believe: Big dreams = Big life.  Love and laughter are medicine. Red shoes rock. Taking risks for the sake of forward movement is critical.  Powerful intentions will expand the horizons and provide infinite possibilities.  

I am committed to yoga and ready to go where the practice takes me. As both a teacher and a student, I am curious and always learning. 

I am making my wildest dreams come true. One breath at a time. I hope to meet you along the way.